My work, my passion

I am an italian hotelier, daughter of hotelkeepers-hoteliers, restaurateurs. I grew up in a family of hoteliers and even at our private home, we have always had a great coming and going of people who used to stop by for dinner. I remember the business dinners of my father: he passionately cooked for his guests and then we would all eat in our dining room which was always decorated with many paintings... it was like a restaurant in our house. I also remember the smell and taste of my grandmother's homemade cakes and the pleasure of helping my mother laying the table meticulously, with her beautiful embroidered tablecloths, taking care of every detail. My parents passed on to me the passion for this job, which I totally embraced. (I have always believed that my profession is not a profession but a mission.) I love to spoil people, speak foreign languages and learn about other cultural realities: my job has taken me all over Europe and to other continents. A cosy spot, an authentic atmosphere, a friendly smile, someone who spoils me (with a good breakfast or dinner) and/or gives me tips for a good local restaurant, a good glass of wine, a romantic stroll...that is what I seek and that is what I offer you. Here I am in Locarno where I have been living for a while. Having found a special place I decided to open the Villa Art'è Bed & Breakfast, where I can devote myself to the art of hosting. Villa Art'è an unforgettable experience.

Carla Giusto, Director